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    What "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Would Be Like If It Took Place Today

    There would definitely be a Tinder demon.

    1. Cordelia would own a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

    2. And be low-key Instagram famous.

    3. Anya would wear a "misandry" T-shirt on the regular.

    4. Jonathan would have a brilliant but under-appreciated Twitter account.

    5. Xander would try to become a Vine star.

    6. He'd also spend a lot of time on Reddit, and his username would be NobodysButtMonkey.

    7. Harmony would say "literally" in all her Facebook posts.

    8. And be super into spinning.

    9. Buffy would love to point out the inaccuracies in all the Marvel superhero movies.

    10. But she'd be a huge Jessica Jones fan.

    11. Giles would be addicted to Making a Murderer and really admire Dean Strang.

    12. Willow would binge-watch every season of Orange Is the New Black.

    13. Joyce would watch a lot of Property Brothers.

    14. Riley and the rest of The Initiative guys would have Arrow viewing parties.

    15. Faith would watch Gossip Girl and identify very strongly with Blair Waldorf.

    16. There would be so many Adele cover bands performing at The Bronze.

    17. Giles would be deeply confused and appalled by Snapchat.

    18. The Scoobies would have to battle a Tinder demon at some point.

    19. And when Buffy killed him, she'd say, "This is me swiping left."

    20. Spike would still secretly shop at Hot Topic all the time.

    21. Buffy would catch him.

    22. Spike would secretly see all the Nicholas Sparks movies.

    23. Buffy would catch him.

    24. Spike would have a DVD of The Notebook stashed away in his crypt.

    25. Buffy would find it.

    26. Dawn would be a huge One Direction fan.

    27. And so would Spike, secretly.

    28. Oz would have a lot of feelings about the ethical representation of werewolves in mainstream media.

    29. But he'd still watch Teen Wolf every week.

    30. "Once More, With Feeling" would include some sort of Hamilton reference.

    31. "Buffy Summers, Chosen One / My name is Buffy, I'm the Chosen One / And there's a million things I haven't done / But just you wait / Watch me slay."

    32. Angel would have a man bun.

    33. He'd get so fed up with not understanding everyone's Twilight jokes that he'd read the first book.

    34. He'd be Team Edward.

    35. Giles would try to transition to using the internet instead of books for supernatural research.

    36. He'd have a whole speech about the factual inaccuracies of Wikipedia.

    37. There'd be an entire episode dedicated to him buying a laptop, and the laptop would end up being cursed by Ethan Rayne.

    38. Buffy's home Wi-Fi password would be "MrPointy."

    39. "If the apocalypse comes, text me."