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    I Called Captain America But APPARENTLY He's Too Busy To Pick Up

    Sooo Captain America ghosted me???

    There are some Infinity War spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen Infinity War, you might want to stop reading.

    So here's the thing: We all want Captain America's phone number. We'd all love to call him up, ask him on a date, touch that sweet and perpetually furrowed brow, end things with a chaste kiss, and then get married. It's the dream.

    But the big obstacle here is that no one seems to know Steve Rogers' phone number. Is it a cell phone? A landline? No one knows, really. Except NOW WE DO.

    Thanks to two quick shots of a flip phone in Infinity War, I glimpsed Steve Rogers' actual goddamn phone number. I'm tempted to withhold this information because Steve Rogers is mine and you can fuck right off, but anyone is capable of seeing it in Infinity War now, so here it is: 678-436-7092.

    However, I am sad to report that this number, listed as being from Atlanta Northeast, Georgia, doesn't end with Steve Rogers picking up and yelling "HELLO???" into the receiver like your dad because he still doesn't really understand modern technology. It's just a busy signal with the below message:

    Wow, real subtle, Steve. If you didn't want me to call, you shouldn't have given me your number.

    It's fine. It's whatever. Bucky would have answered, but it's OK. I'm fine. This is fine.

    But seriously, I can't figure out if this is an easter egg or some sort of nod to a past sequence of numbers, so if you've got it figured out, share in the comments below. And if you call and Steve answers, let me know that, too, so we can fight.