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    Hot Topic's "Fantastic Beasts" Clothing Line Is Here And It's Magical

    Accio all of this.

    You've probably heard by now that there's going to be a new movie from the Harry Potter 'verse, and that movie is called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    And you may already know that the1920s costumes look, well, magical. Now, thanks to Hot Topic, we have a whole clothing line based on the film. Get an exclusive first look at the full line below.

    Channel your inner Newt Scamander with his wool blend coat, complete with brown striped satin lining — which matches the lining of his problematic suitcase — and a wand pocket.

    Or channel your inner Queenie Goldstein with her iconic coat, also equipped with a wand pocket.

    If you're feeling fancy, try Queenie's whimsical flapper dress. Pay special attention to the embroidered design, which includes wands and the Legilimency emblem.

    Rock an Auror look with the Tina Goldstein-inspired dress, patterned with the MACUSA logo.

    Or take a presidential approach with some Seraphina Picquery-inspired threads.

    A simpler homage can be achieved with the woven long-sleeved shirt, featuring images of Newt's case, Nifflers, Swooping Evils, and Runespoors...

    ...or a pocketed dress etched with the New York City skyline, the No-Maj symbol, Newt's case, and the MACUSA and Owl Post Office logos.

    Accio all of this, basically.