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Here's Our First Look At The "Hey Arnold" Reboot


You've probably heard by now that Hey Arnold is returning with a two-part animated TV movie.

The new series will pick up where the original series ended in 2004 with "The Journal," when Arnold finds a map in his dad's old journal that might lead him to his parents in San Lorenzo.

Today, at San Diego Comic-Con, Bartlett treated us to even more details about the new movie. "All the characters you know and love will be back," he said during the Nickelodeon panel.

Which includes HELGA PATAKI.

And everyone's rocking A NEW LOOK. Here's our very first look at the gang:

Gerald's got some sweet updated kicks and a hoodie.

Helga still has her iconic brows and bow, but her dress is ombré now, and she's got some cool pink sneakers.

LOOK! Arnold's wearing a CASUAL JACKET and his iconic plaid skirt/shirt is SHORT. And his shoes are RED. OK?!

But Phoebe might be the most important transformation. That longer, flippier half-ponytail, those layered shirts, and those teal shoes. Helloooo, Phoebe.

"We knew it was time to basically do another pass at all the character designs...Abner has put on a little weight," Bartlett said.

"[The characters are] a year older as our story begins," Bartlett said. "My goal was [to have them] going into sixth grade, if we get to go to series."

"It answers every fan question I possibly could. The whole gang gets to go to San Lorenzo. Arnold has his own agenda, he's trying to figure out what happened to his lost parents."

So when can we expect the new two-part movie? According to Bartlett, they're "shooting for Thanksgiving 2017."

TOO LONG. But fine OK this is gonna be great.