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    Holy Handy Dandy Notebook, You Can Audition To Be The New Steve On "Blue's Clues"

    Holy Handy Dandy Notebook.

    If you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the late '90s, you know that Blue's Clues is the best children's TV show of all time. It was creative and comforting and all-around wonderful.

    The show originally aired in September 1996 and ran for six seasons. And now, not only is Nickelodeon bringing the show back with a new 20-episode season and new look...

    ...they're also looking for a new host!

    That's right: Blue needs a new Steve. According to the casting call, Nickelodeon is seeking females and males of all ethnicities who can play ages 18–25, and who have "a comedy background, natural connection with the camera, and [can] empower the home viewer to feel important, respected, and smart."

    So get out your Handy Dandy Notebooks, warm up your vocals to the tun of "Mailtime," and start betting on how many kids Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have now.