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Kiernan Shipka Has The Coolest Instagram

Sally Draper is so classy.

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Obviously we get some glamorous pics of all her celeb friend favs.

But we also get these endearing candid shots. Just look at Amandla Stenberg casually brunching.

Seriously, Kiernan and Amandla are just two normal, adorable teen BFFLs.

And their selfie game is so on point.

We also get to see Kiernan channel her inner Betty Draper.

And her sassier, more casual inner Sally Draper.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of both in one fabulous shot.

And the food pics — this lady can Insta food like a pro.

And drinks, too — non-alcoholic, of course. Kiernan's only 15 (if you can believe that).

Seriously, such great food porn. She even started a separate account just for food pics.

Kiernan also dabbles in some artsier shots.

And tbh, she's got a pretty good eye for it.

And, maybe the best part, she gives us behind-the-scenes glimpses of her Mad Men days.

Best #tbt shot ever? Probably yes.

QUICK, GO FOLLOW HER! Oh, and check her out on Tumblr and Twitter, too.

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