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    Here's The One "Gilmore Girls" Detail You've Missed All These Years

    Hear me out.

    We all love Gilmore Girls — it's the best show ever. It makes you feel so much.

    When Rory went through her first heartbreak? Feels.

    When Paris didn't get into Harvard? Feels.

    When Dave showed up to Kim's Antiques to confess his true feelings for Lane and ask Mrs. Kim's permission to take her to the prom? FEELS.

    Let's pause for a second and chat a bit more about Dave Rygalski, the guy Lane should have ended up with. We first met Dave in Episode 3 of Season 3.

    He and Lane pretty much fell in love immediately. They were the best couple ever — Dave was Lane's soulmate and we all knew it.

    COME ON.

    But then Dave Rygalski up and went to California for college, and he and Lane broke up.

    Now let's take a journey even further back in time, all the way back to Episode 11 of Season 2, before we'd even met Dave Rygalski. The Gilmores found out they had termites, but Lorelai was having trouble getting a loan to fund the repairs they needed to save the house.

    And just look at the last name of one of the bankers who wouldn't give her a loan:


    Yes, the spelling is different. But subtitles are fallible, and we really shouldn't trust technology 100% of the time anyway, right? Right.

    And we never really knew much about Dave's parents, just that he respected them.

    So it's entirely possible that this is a little Easter egg, and Mr. R(y)galski is not just a banker who won't give Lorelai a loan, but the sire of one Mr. Dave Rygalski.

    Feeling unconvinced? That's understandable.

    But please observe that Mr. R(y)galski, just like his son, has a tendency to suddenly up and move thousands of miles away.