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26 Facts We Learned About "Stranger Things" At Comic Con

Barb will have her justice in Season 2.

Today at New York Comic Con, Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and David Harbour (Chief Hopper) treated fans to a chat about how they filmed all those nosebleeds, Barb's fate, and Millie's favorite Eggo flavor. Here's everything we learned.

1. Millie Bobby Brown auditioned for the role of Eleven multiple times — and she didn't stare, she just cried a lot.

2. She didn't master the stare until later on, during filming — and once she nailed it, everyone knew.

3. The first table read happened the day Brown cut her hair off, and she was covered in itchy hairs the whole time.

4. Harbour wore a hat to his audition for Hopper, which he "never does."

5. The Upside Down actually looks really "dorky" IRL and looks nothing like it does in the show.

6. And there's a guy whose job is to blow dandelion seeds out of a pillowcase to create the effect of the floating seeds in the Upside Down.

7. Filming the nosebleed scenes was really hard and took exact timing.

8. Brown got dizzy filming in the sensory deprivation pool because of all the salt.

9. In the scene where Eleven touches the Monster, someone had to poke Mark Steger, the actor playing the Monster, because he couldn't hear or feel anything through his suit.

10. Producers told the two toddlers who played Holly (Tinsley and Anniston Price) that the Monster was just a monster from Monsters, Inc.

11. Harbour took his character home with him, and he found filming in Atlanta a "very difficult experience." He sat at home and smoked a lot of cigarettes.

12. And he intentionally tried to keep a "feeling of intimidation" around the kids.

13. During filming, Harbour, Winona Ryder, and Ryder's boyfriend went to a talent show that Brown's little sister put on.

14. There will be justice for Barb in Season 2.

15. But Barb is "very much dead."

16. At a read-through, Shannon Purser (Barb) said she didn’t want her character to die before she even knew Barb's ultimate fate.

17. Harbour loves when people don't like Hopper as a character at first.

18. Jack Nicholson, Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman, and Indiana Jones are men Harbour used as inspiration for Chief Hopper.

19. Harbour is very confused about the word "daddy" and what people mean when they say it to him.

20. Brown really wants to star in a comedy — and auditioned for The Boss.

21. Season 2 is going to deal with Hopper's daughter's illness — and there might be more to it than we realize.

22. It does bother Brown that Eleven rarely talks.

23. Harbour is a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan. And he's a cleric.

24. Brown does like Eggos — though she doesn't like eating 50 in a row — and her favorite flavor is blueberry.

25. Harbour was a total Winona Ryder "fanboy" when they started filming, though the two have a real friendship now.

26. Everyone is still really conflicted about the Nancy + Steve + Jonathan love triangle.