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    If You're Feeling Down, Here Are Some Pics Of Chris Hemsworth's Hot Stuntman

    Happy Monday.

    Hi, hello, are you a human being? Do you have a beating heart? Cool, then you are probably a big fan of Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, aka the Funniest and Chillest Avenger.

    Charley Gallay / Getty Images

    The only problem with Chris Hemsworth is that there's only one of him, which is just not nearly enough Chris Hemsworths, if you ask me. Look, see? Only one:

    Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

    Well, hey, I have some great news! Chris Hemsworth has a stunt double, and his name is Bobby Holland Hanton:

    Not only is he a badass stuntman...

    ...he really looks like his on-screen counterpart, Chris Hemsworth:

    Their moody duck face pouts? Similar:

    Veeery similar:

    Their superhero stances? Similar:

    Their ability to still look smokin' hot even when one eye's been ripped out by their evil sister? Similar:

    And not only are they both very attractive men, they're also very attractive men who are friends:

    They have fun:

    Aww, good times:

    So the next time you remember that there's only one Chris Hemsworth in the world and feel sad, remember that there's kinda sorta more than one:

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