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    Gwen Stefani Definitely Didn't Fall During The Grammys

    It was a double.

    Earlier this month, Gwen Stefani recorded a live music video during the Grammys for "Make Me Like You."

    It was cute, and 100% about Blake Shelton. There was even a sign that said "Blake's," so.


    But during the performance, it looked like Gwen fell.

    People were awash in emotion. Was Gwen supposed to fall? Or had we just witnessed an UNPLANNED fall?

    Was that really even Gwen, or a body double?

    Well, at long last, we have answers. Gwen stopped by to chat with her good friend Ellen DeGeneres, and provided us with some clarity.

    It was, indeed, a double. Gwen did not fall, Gwen's double fell.

    Warner Bros.

    So no, Gwen did not fall.

    Warner Bros.

    But two shots BEFORE that scene, Gwen did injure herself.

    Warner Bros.

    Now you know.


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