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Grace Helbig And Hannah Hart's Guide To Becoming A Superheroine

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl will show you the way.

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Hannah Hart: First tip for being a superhero…yoine is—

Grace Helbig: Is pronouncing it correctly!


HH: Yes, and then break in your spandex!

GH: Yes, Lululemon makes a wide variety of form-fitting, comfortable chick-wear. Consider that.

HH: Second tip, use baby powder on your butt crack.

GH: Certainly, obviously.

HH: Especially if there's a leotard piece of your costume that got very uncomfortable the longer you wore it.


GH: Third tip, rompers and jumpers are…well, look, consider separates. It makes going to the bathroom that much easier. Even though you're a superheroine, you still have to pee sometimes.

HH: Fourth tip, STRETCH.


GH: Oh yeah. Also, yeah, here's a tip. Sometimes your biggest insecurity becomes your greatest super power.

HH: Oh, how?

GH: Well, sometimes being really unsure about things, or, everything can be a strength!

HH: Heroes from within, yes.

HH: Fifth tip, hair ties.

GH: You ever see a girl in the gym who's running on the treadmill and her hair's just flapping like a Beyonce music video? Not good.

HH: You don't have time for that, superheroine.

GH: But also you don't have time to, like, curl your hair or do it before you go fight crime, so another tip, yeah. That.



GH: Oh my god.

HH: I'm sorry, I thought of one last one: Wear comfortable shoes.

GH: Also, don't be afraid of your own emotions. I don't know.

Now go forth and be superheroines.