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17 Sentences That Are Pretty Much Porn To Recent College Grads

Farewell, finals week.

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1. No one is ever going to care about your GPA again.

2. No more killing yourself to make sure you're at your computer the second class registration opens.

3. You'll never have to pull another all-nighter.*

*For academic reasons.

4. You won't have to buy another overpriced used textbook.

5. You'll never have to listen to that awful kid who always raises their hand in class EVER AGAIN.

6. You don't have to google tips for staying awake during lecture anymore.

7. You'll never have to take another final.

8. Because you survived your FINAL finals week!

9. Gone are the days of the Hunger Games-level laundry room situation.

10. You never have to stake out a spot in the library ever again because you are liberated.

11. You don't have to try and explain your major to anyone ever again.

12. You'll never have to fulfill another useless credit to make sure you get your major or minor.

13. Remember desperately watching the word count as you typed up an essay, sweating and praying you'd meet the minimum? NEVER AGAIN.



16. Never again will you fall for your professor or TA, the most doomed of all crushes.

17. You've officially answered "So, what are you going to do after graduation?" for the last time.

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