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    People Want To Know If Bucky Finally Got His Plums In "Captain America: Civil War"

    DID BUCKY EVER GET HIS PLUMS?? Minor spoilers ahead.

    You've probably heard of a young man named Sgt. James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, aka the Winter Solider, aka Precious Cinnamon Roll.


    We know a lot about Bucky. He's Captain America's BFFL, he's been through a lot...


    ...and he loves plums.

    Valentynvolkov / Getty Images

    Yes, in Captain America: Civil War, Bucky's hiding in Bucharest trying to get his shit together — and he stops at a local fruit stand to buy some plums.


    They're just out of sight.

    But before Bucky can sit down and enjoy his plums, someone sees him and reports him to the cops. Bucky has to drop his plums and go on the run.


    So, naturally, people are upset.

    Bucky deserved those plums.

    Bucky BOUGHT those plums.

    They were his plums.

    Hasn't he been tortured enough?

    Must we now deny him FRUIT?

    And it's possible that he chose plums because they help IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY.

    Yes, sweet Bucky, whose memory was wiped to create the Winter Soldier, is trying to remember his old life.

    He's just trying to do better — he's trying to stop being so problematic and murderous.

    He's just trying to EAT SOME GODDAMN PLUMS.

    Why can't we just give him this small victory?

    The small victory of PLUMS?

    It's just so unfair.

    We're all in the dark here.

    We don't even know if Bucky ever got his goddamn plums.

    Sorry, Cap. Sorry, Iron Man. There's only one team now: