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28 Fictional Couples Whose Love Felt Extremely Real In 2017

At least we still have (fictional) love, right? Right.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which fictional couples got them through the garbage year of 2017. Here are their responses.

1. Joyce and Hopper from Stranger Things 2


"Their chemistry is amazing and they're both so brave and they totally deserve each other." —zbeckfashion

2. Magnus and Alec from Shadowhunters


"Their relationship has proven to be strong and also very, very, very cute. I’m sighing just thinking about them." —mayabenton

3. Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place


"There was definitely A LOT of sexual tension between them this season, so I hope that they will become a thing in the next season!" —abigailw4b67a9ae8

4. Jamie and Claire from Outlander

Aimee Spinks / Starz

"Their love is so complete and soul-encompassing that he fainted when she returned." —rachelsporyh

5. Barry and Iris from The Flash

Bettina Strauss / The CW

"There is something about Barry and Iris that makes me want to fall in love. And that musical proposal." —rebeccal47667bcae

6. Clay and Hannah from 13 Reasons Why


"I know it doesn’t make sense, but I felt like they could have been great. I kept hoping it wouldn’t turn out the way it did." —strcar

7. Diana and Steve from Wonder Woman

Warner Bros.

"It was beautiful and heartbreaking and I wish they had more time." —emwilson27

8. Elio and Oliver from Call Me By Your Name

Sony Pictures Classics

"They have to be one of the most amazing couples of 2017, and of this decade.

Not because their story was so blissful and sensual, but because their story was just about two individuals who fell in love with each other." —edgarg4462e39a0

9. Daenerys and Jon from Game of Thrones


"I know that it’s problematic as fuck, but to see Dany find a man who is respectful, supportive, genuine, and understanding — but who also tells her his honest opinion without being sexist or egotistical — just makes their paring perfect." —thesuncameout

10. Quentin and Alice from The Magicians

Jason Bell / Syfy

"They deserve something good for once in their lives!" —epkeith99

11. Betty and Jughead from Riverdale

The CW

"Their pure relationship stole my heart from the get-go. While I admit that their coupling was unexpected, I can say with unwavering confidence that their love is one for the ages." —t46585ada1

12. Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things 2



13. Mon-El and Kara from Supergirl

Dean Buscher / The CW

"They were so adorable, and he KEPT HER NECKLACE AROUND HIS NECK FOR YEARS! If that isn't love, I don't know what is." —hollys4af76bd26

14. Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

"Shipping that HARD. And I’ve discovered I’m not alone!" —andreag49987f134

15. Beth and Randall from This Is Us

Ron Batzdorff / NBC

"They’re just so adorably strong and supportive and loving and just, ugh, I cry." —zozoe2301

16. Baby and Debora from Baby Driver

Working Title Films

"Loved their vibe." —julienq

17. Elisa and Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"The fact that neither romantic lead is able to speak means their love story is told entirely through visuals, and that makes it so much more powerful to me." —cheyenner466a4983b

18. Frank and Karen from The Punisher


"It is almost electric how they play off each other in every single scene. You feel their characters will kiss any second, but they never do." —nerdyogi

19. Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf


"I️ had been shipping them since the beginning, and seeing them finally come together made me insanely happy." —kaylaxharlowx

20. Wolfgang and Kala from Sense8


"They’re so happy with each other, and Wolfgang seems to only be himself around her. They free each other. I hope they end up together in the finale." —voidnogitsune

21. Oliver and Felicity from Arrow

The CW

"They have been through everything the last six years but they've finally made it through. The best way to end 2017!" —felicityqueen

22. Kat and Adena from The Bold Type


"They're two incredible women of color — one of whom is openly lesbian and the other is just starting to explore her sexual orientation. They have so much chemistry and their love story made me squeal with joy and then cry my eyes out." —Aniela Krajewska, Facebook

23. Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries

The CW

"Even though she was missing for the majority of the last two seasons, Damon carried their love story all on his own by remaining so devoted to and in love with her." —Bree Wilson, Facebook

24. Jessica and Luke from The Defenders


"I really hope they follow the comics and let them have a happy ending." —hopeisthethingwithfeathers

25. Jane and Rafael from Jane the Virgin

The CW

"They are total endgame for me." —megslouise17

26. David and Sydney from Legion


"Their love is so pure, and the eventual conquering of their physical incompatibilities was hot." —primavolta

27. Waverly and Nicole from Wynonna Earp


Submitted by afernandez0394.

28. And, most importantly, Steve Harrington and his baseball bat from Stranger Things 2

"Steve and his baseball bat, obviously." —sammib853

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