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28 Fictional Couples Whose Love Felt Extremely Real In 2017

At least we still have (fictional) love, right? Right.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which fictional couples got them through the garbage year of 2017. Here are their responses.

1. Joyce and Hopper from Stranger Things 2

2. Magnus and Alec from Shadowhunters

3. Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place

4. Jamie and Claire from Outlander

5. Barry and Iris from The Flash

6. Clay and Hannah from 13 Reasons Why

7. Diana and Steve from Wonder Woman

8. Elio and Oliver from Call Me By Your Name

9. Daenerys and Jon from Game of Thrones

10. Quentin and Alice from The Magicians

11. Betty and Jughead from Riverdale

12. Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things 2

13. Mon-El and Kara from Supergirl

14. Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

15. Beth and Randall from This Is Us

16. Baby and Debora from Baby Driver

17. Elisa and Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water

18. Frank and Karen from The Punisher

19. Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf

20. Wolfgang and Kala from Sense8

21. Oliver and Felicity from Arrow

22. Kat and Adena from The Bold Type

23. Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries

24. Jessica and Luke from The Defenders

25. Jane and Rafael from Jane the Virgin

26. David and Sydney from Legion

27. Waverly and Nicole from Wynonna Earp

28. And, most importantly, Steve Harrington and his baseball bat from Stranger Things 2

"Steve and his baseball bat, obviously." —sammib853