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28 Fascinating Facts About The "Game Of Thrones" Costumes

Cersei's new color is officially silver.

It's no secret that the Game of Thrones costuming has changed TV forever — so much so that costume designer Michele Clapton has been nominated for an Emmy every year the show's been on air, and won twice.

So who better to give us all the behind-the-scenes costuming secrets than Michele Clapton herself?

1. The show's costume designs aren't really based on the descriptions from the books.

2. But that's mainly because the show jumps around so much geographically, and they wanted to keep the designs for each area cohesive.

3. They did, however, stick to the original house sigils.

4. And the colors for each house dictated a lot of the individual color palettes for each character — highlighting Margaery and Cersei's rivalry.

5. Costume colors play a huge role in the characters' development. When Cersei's in red — the Lannister color — she's asserting her power.

6. And don't expect Dany to keep wearing blue in Season 7. She's moving more into charcoals and whites, indicating her growing sense of self.

7. When Dany wore white in the Great Pit of Daznak, it was to signify her "mental removal" from the situation.

8. And we might see her wear more red in Season 7.

9. Dany's boots/trousers/dress combination is the "root" of her character.

10. When it comes to dressing women, Cersei and Margaery have the most costumes.

11. Though Sansa's a close second.

12. And when it comes to men, Joffrey had the most costumes.

13. The most expensive single costume was Margaery's wedding gown.

14. All the armor is handmade and hand-beaten, so it's also quite pricey and can take a while to build.

15. Ironically, aging some of the new costumes can take a very, very long time.

16. Maisie Williams did, in fact, want to burn her old Arya costume.

17. Sansa expresses herself through the embroidery on her clothing.

18. And what Sansa's wearing has always been influenced by where her allegiances lie and who's around her.

19. But she's finally coming into her own, and we're going to see a lot more of that in Season 7.

20. Sansa's big Season 4 finale dress was made of feathers because, realistically, that's what she would have had to use.

21. There's no single time period that influences the costumes more than others.

22. The designs are centered around the environment, what people would realistically be wearing, and what materials would be available.

23. Clapton knew immediately what Cersei needed to wear in the Season 6 finale.

24. Cersei's coronation gown is a direct nod to her father, Tywin.

25. Queen Cersei's new crown includes both silver and gold for a reason.

26. Yes, silver is Cersei's "new color" in Season 7! Bye, Lannister gold.

27. Expect the costumes in Season 7 to have a lot less color than past seasons.

28. Of all the characters, Clapton thinks people relate to Daenerys the most — and we can expect big things from her costuming in Season 7.

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Viserys was Daenerys's awful brother who got what he deserved. An earlier version of this post misstated his name.