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    15 Facts You Need To Know About Billy From "Stranger Things 2"

    Here's everything you need to know about Billy Hargrove, Trash King.

    Be warned: Stranger Things 2 spoilers lie ahead. Turn back now if you're not finished.

    By now you know that Billy Hargrove is the new villain in Hawkins, Indiana.


    And he's the worst. From the second he pulled up to Hawkins High School in his blue Camaro, he's been pure trash. He's the New Keg King, but also, the new Trash King.


    So we talked to Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers, and the actor who plays Billy, Dacre Montgomery, about Hawkins' most problematic new resident. Here's everything we learned.

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    1. Billy's definitely the new villain, and he's taking the place Steven Harrington (Joe Keery) was originally supposed to fill.

    Jackson Davis

    "Introducing Billy was one of our first ideas for Season 2. Stephen King always has evil, but very human, characters in his work. Originally, that was going to be Steve, and then we fell in love with Joe Keery and we took his energy and spun it in a different direction. But we still wanted that human villain." —Ross Duffer

    2. For his audition, Montogmery made a short film.


    "I was home in Perth, Australia. I’d been given two scenes — one from the second season and one from Stand By Me. I did a little bit of a sound score and opening credits." —Dacre Montgomery

    3. And in that short film, he danced in G-string underwear to "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.


    "I had a spare G-string lying around, as you do, so I thought I’d make use of it. Billy is an unpredictable character. I think there were two outcomes: I was never going to work in this industry again, or somebody somewhere was going to see something in me." —DM

    4. Montgomery talked to the Duffers early on, and wanted to make sure Billy didn't come off as "just a dick" — and then he received the emotionally and physically abusive scene between Billy and his dad.


    "I was like, 'Guys, the audience has to like Billy somehow. Is he just a dick? What’s going on?' Then they gave me the scene [with] my dad. That makes you realize, I guess, more about why [Billy] is the way he is. A lot of that anger is coming from this patriarchal role his father has in his life." —DM

    5. Montogmery believes that Billy's behavior stems from a lack of stability at home.


    "California hasn’t been his constant, he was uprooted. His friends haven’t been his constant. That’s why he’s latching onto his car, it’s a constant. Look at all of those things that come in and out of his bubble, what sticks? What can he latch on to that makes him feel secure? A cigarette. You buy it, you light it, it burns; it’s a constant, it’s reliable. You turn on the car, it works, you drive it. It’s reliable. Relationships are different." —DM

    6. Montgomery was bullied in high school, and used that experience to flesh out Billy as a character.


    "When I was in high school, I was bullied a lot, and it was interesting taking the other side of the lens in this role. You realize that on the other side, the bullies were probably just as confused as I was in high school. It’s somebody’s life, it’s somebody’s background, there’s always stuff going on at home." —DM

    7. But he's definitely not a super Method actor.


    "I’m not the kind of person who’s so method that I’m sitting there not talking. I don’t really believe in any of that stuff." —DM

    8. Jack Nicholson in The Shining strongly influenced Montgomery's performance as Billy.

    9. Montgomery's has a younger sister, and they share the same age gap as Billy and his stepsister, Max (Sadie Sink).


    "[My sister's] my only sibling, so I think it was very easy for me to relate to [Billy's] struggle. Sometimes the relationship is tumultuous. As I’ve grown up a bit, I see the other side of that spectrum and just how much I love my sister in real life, and channeled some of that." —DM

    10. And he believes that, despite Billy's behavior, he genuinely cares about Max.


    "I think Billy really does care about his sister. And I know there’s the impetus from his dad and stepmother to keep her safe, but he wouldn't be following up or doing any of that stuff if he didn’t." —DM

    11. Montgomery doesn't believe Billy's hatred of Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) has anything to do with race.


    "I don't think it’s this racist thing that’s appeared with Caleb’s character. It’s about being emasculated. I think [Billy's] so afraid of being emasculated, it doesn't matter that Caleb is black or younger, I think he’s insecure. That’s his own insecurity he’s targeting on Caleb’s character. I think his wires are all getting crossed — he’s threatened, I think." —DM

    12. The "cologne-on-crotch" scene was Mongomery's idea — and yes, he's used that move himself.


    "The cologne on the balls, that’s my idea. I’m not going to deny having done that before. We all have our own level of narcissism, I think it’s just a different form for people, and for Billy, that’s the form that it [takes]." —DM

    13. More than anything, Montgomery wants to see Billy fall in love.

    BuzzFeed News

    "I want to see Billy fall in love with somebody; on the football field, under a bed of stars, with a lady friend. I think it’d show some heart and contrast that other quality that he possesses that I suspect we will delve even further into. So it’d be a nice juxtaposition." —RD

    14. But according to the Duffers, Billy isn't going to follow in Steve's footsteps and become one of the Good Guys.


    "He’s obviously not a good guy. He’s not going to turn around like Steve did." —RD

    15. And yes, Billy will definitely be back next season.


    "We have ideas for Billy. I think he’s going to play a much bigger role next year. Really, we’re just giving you a tiny taste of him this year." —Matt Duffer

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