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    Everything You Need To Know About The Gods Of "American Gods"

    This show is already so magical.

    In case you hadn't already heard, Neil Gaiman's beloved 2001 fantasy novel American Gods is being adapted for TV. The show is set to premiere on April 30 on Starz, and this is what you need to know about the characters.


    The story follows the Old Gods and the New Gods as they battle for possession of America, where technology and media are beginning to reign supreme over the magical powers of old.

    Shadow Moon, the Ex-Con (Ricky Whittle)


    At the start of the show, Shadow, American Gods' protagonist of sorts, gets out of jail after three years, just in time to attend his beloved wife's funeral (she was killed in a car crash days before his release). On his flight home, a chance encounter with a mysterious and charismatic grifter named Mr. Wednesday (see below) sets Shadow's life on a new path that's full of danger and, quite possibly, actual magic.

    Mr. Wednesday, the Con Man (Ian McShane)


    Mr. Wednesday, Shadow's post-prison employer, is equal parts vinegar and honey. He's as disarmingly charming as he is quick-tempered, and there's more to him than meets the eye. He has a fondness for old roadside attractions, hates cell phones, and has a vast network of friends and colleagues that spans the whole of America — and holds a lot of power.

    Czernobog, the God of Evil (Peter Stormare)


    Czernobog, one of Mr. Wednesday's powerful frenemies, is about as gruesome and grotesque as they come. The creature of old's background lies in the bloodier bits of the meat industry; more specifically, he used to bludgeon cows to death. His passion for carnage makes him a forceful ally and dangerous adversary.

    Laura Moon, the Dead Wife (Emily Browning)


    Laura, Shadow's wife, might be dead, but she still has a huge role to play in the battle her husband has unwittingly joined. Complex, determined, and truly badass, she's a key player in the tale.

    Mr. Nancy, the Trickster God (Orlando Jones)

    James Dimmock / Starz

    Mr. Nancy, an important part of Mr. Wednesday's network, is one of history's greatest storytellers. Hypnotic in his ability to charm a crowd, Mr. Nancy has the joyful soul of a trickster, and the resolve of a warrior.

    Bilquis, the Goddess of Love (Yetide Badaki)


    Bilquis, an alluring and lethal creature, draws her strength from the worship of others. She's as beautiful as she is unpredictable — and no mortal can resist her powers of seduction.

    Mad Sweeney, the Leprechaun (Pablo Schreiber)


    Mad Sweeney is a hard-drinking and harder-fighting leprechaun who breaks stereotypes with his height. He's a mad magician of sorts: His sleight of hand is unparalleled, and he's rarely without a shining gold coin in hand.

    Technical Boy, the God of Technology (Bruce Langley)


    One of the New Gods, Technical Boy is a dirtbag teen who vapes and rides around in a tacky stretch limousine. Eager to recruit Shadow to his side of the battle, he's as tenacious as he is petulant.

    Easter, the Goddess of Spring (Kristin Chenoweth)


    Like a ray of sunshine, Easter brings light and levity into all the lives she touches. But behind her sweet demeanor is real, raw power that can turn the tide should she wish to use it.

    Mr. World (Crispin Glover)


    One of the most mysterious figures of the bunch, Mr. World is a bit of a puppet master. Usually at the center of the action, he's a silent player who appears to hold more control than anyone — perhaps even more than Mr. Wednesday.

    Basically, April 30 can't come soon enough.


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