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Emilia Clarke And Phoebe Waller-Bridge Are Friends, I Can Die Happy

I can rest in peace now.

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You undoubtedly know Emilia Clarke as our budding Geeky Queen. She's everyone's favorite dragon-riding badass on Game of Thrones, and now she's taken on a new role in the Star Wars universe with the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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You undoubtedly also know Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the brilliant woman behind the TV shows Fleabag, Crashing, and Killing Eve. She's also taking her first turn in the Star Wars canon in Solo as L3-37, the franchise's first major female droid.

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So what happens when you put two powerful and talented women together in the same big franchise and then take them on a worldwide press tour? They become friends and support each other on that journey, of course.

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Solo just screened at Cannes, and the two women posed together on the carpet in France like pros.

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It's everything I needed to get me through the rest of this week, honestly.

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Clarke even took to Instagram to share her affection for Waller-Bridge, who isn't on social media. "Ladies that Cannes together? Get lit in the ladies together. #🔥" she wrote. "The love I have for this human is more real [than] equal rights for droids in space. #cannes2018 #soloastarwarsstory #phoebewallerbridge #yachtsyah?!!?! #poutandpee #❤️"

Instagram: @emilia_clarke

The "equal rights for droids in space" is a sweet lil' nod to Waller-Bridge's character in Solo.

More of this forever, please and thank you.

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