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    21 Embarrassing Secrets Every Disney Fan Has

    Don't hand me that baby unless you're ready to start singing "Circle of Life."

    1. You often forget that you can't effortlessly befriend wildlife.

    2. Whenever you hold a baby, you have to curb your desire to present it to the adoring masses of Pride Rock.

    3. You've tried to have a conversation with your houseware.

    4. You're wary of fruit.

    5. You still secretly hold out hope that when life is bringing you down, a fairy godmother will show up to dry your tears.

    6. You were shocked when you learned that crabs don't actually have human teeth.

    7. Every time you get a small cut, you silently panic you've been cursed and are about to fall into a death-like sleep.

    8. You have trouble accepting that a loving willow tree will not magically make communicating with your crush extremely simple.

    9. You forget that building a snowman is actually pretty labor-intensive.

    10. You immediately judge curtains based on how good they'd look as a dress.

    11. You really feel that if you could just get in on the right montage, your life would be on track.

    12. You've jumped off your fair share of tables, eyes closed tight, thinking wonderful thoughts.

    13. Try as you might to be impervious to cold, you still need a coat sometimes.

    14. You have, more than once, legitimately considered kissing a frog.

    15. You've ordered spaghetti and meatballs on a first date, just to see what they'd do with that final meatball.

    16. You get really excited about toga parties, but for different reasons than most people.

    17. You will forever long for a loyal animal sidekick.

    18. You've legitimately wondered if cutlery could be used in your beauty regimen.

    19. You've considered growing your hair out for all the wrong reasons.

    20. Every time you see an item that even somewhat resembles a magic lamp, you have to rub its side while no one's watching.

    21. You spend more time dreaming about fictional lands than you do thinking about reality.

    But that's just fine, because being a Disney fan also means you can see the magic in everything.

    Even when life is being a real Beast.