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Elizabeth Hurley's Gorgeous Son Is Pretty Much Her Twin

Too much beauty.

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You might know already that Queen Elizabeth Hurley has one son, Damian. He's always been super cute.

Fred Duval / FilmMagic

He and his momma have always seemed adorably close.

David M. Benett / Getty Images

But Damian's 14 now and, well, let's just say he REALLY looks like his mom.

There's normal family resemblance...

...and then there's THIS:


Look at how absolutely adorable they are.

Queen Elizabeth has clearly taught Damian the fine art of taking a bomb selfie.

And how to strike a pose.

Damian has definitely inherited his mom's modeling gene.

And her bright blue eyes, killer cheekbones, pouty lips, etc.

They're just too cute.

Look at those identical smiles.

They even go to One Direction concerts together.

#FamilyGoals ❤️

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