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Eddie Redmayne Gave Thousands Of "Harry Potter" Fans Free Wands

You get a wand! You get a wand! You get a WAAAAND!

Hall H was packed today at San Diego Comic-Con, full of fans eager to see the one and only Newt Scamander, AKA No-Maj Eddie Redmayne.

And it was worth the wait. Right after Conan O'Brien introduced Mr. Scamander/Redmayne, he hopped right off the stage and ran into the crowd, handing out wands to every single person.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

He had help, of course. Hall H is quite big.

Helped #EddieRedmayne give wands out at #fantasticbeasts panel. Prod. thanked us for "being part of the universe" 😍

It holds about 6,500 people.

But he ran right into the fray, friends! Right into it! Giving free wands away left and right! It felt just like The Oprah Winfrey Show in the '90s!

Eddie Redmayne makes like Oprah, gives a wand out to everyone in Hall H

People were really, really stoked. And yes, every single person there got a wand.

Eddie Redmayne is “sweating from excitement” from running around Hall H. *I* am “sweating from excitement” from staring at Eddie.

Honestly, it felt almost as good as getting a gift from Oprah herself. It was just that magical.

For the record, Eddie Redmayne has become Oprah: "You get a wand, you get a wand, EVERYBODY GETS A WAND!" #SDCC

Then, to top it all off, he led the entire Hall in a community casting of Lumos Maxima. SUCH MAGIC.

Eddie Redmayne leads the @FantasticBeasts Hall crowd in a spell with their brand new wands. #sdcc

What a guy.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

And here's a picture of Eddie Redmayne* as he left the panel:

Harpo Productions

*Actually it's Oprah but same diff.

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