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Kim Kardashian's Posh Spice Costume Was Blessed By Queen Victoria Herself

Let us pray.

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Long, long ago, in a prosperous and magical era known as the '90s, a little band called the Spice Girls ruled the world with Girl Power and platform sneakers. It was beautiful.

Bertrand Guay / AFP / Getty Images

If you were blessed enough to live during that time, you know that everyone — EVERYONE — paid homage to the queens by dressing up like them with their four BFFs.

Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images

If you had red hair, you always had to be Ginger, if you had blonde hair, you were Baby, etc.

Johnny Eggit / AFP / Getty Images

And it seems Kim Kardashian was no different. She was, unsurprisingly, a Posh.

Kim and her friends were just like us, it seems! Even if Kim's hand placement is a little weird?

This is probably the classic Posh pose she was going for.

Pa / AFP / Getty Images

Let's also please take a moment to appreciate WHOEVER GINGER SPICE IS.

Ummm, can we get THIS woman a reality TV show?

The '90s was so strong with this group, Posh Spice herself (often referred to by her human name Victoria Beckham) approved.

TBH, the "genuis" comment is probably in reference to this:

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