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    David Beckham On The Cover Of GQ Will Ruin Your Life

    *is destroyed*

    We all know David Beckham pretty well by now, right? He's lots of things. He's David "Super Hot Soccer Player" Beckham.

    Alex Livesey / Getty Images

    He's David "Perfectly Broody" Beckham.

    He's David "Awesome Dad" Beckham.

    He's David "Awkward Sitter" Beckham.

    He's David "Friend To The Animals" Beckham.

    He's David "Expert Remote Control User" Beckham.

    But not until now has he ever been David "On The Cover Of GQ" Beckham. Behold, here he is on GQ for the first time ever in all his perfectly suited glory, ready to destroy you:

    Alesdair McLellan / Courtesy of GQ

    And, ummm, let's all give a VERY WARM WELCOME to David "I'm Wearing A Fucking Leather Jacket" Beckham.

    Alesdair McLellan / Courtesy of GQ

    Great, now let's give a STANDING OVATION to David "I'm Eating Fish & Chips In That Fucking Leather Jacket" Beckham, who is maybe the best David Beckham yet.

    Alesdair McLellan / Courtesy of GQ

    And to end, let's please all sit down and give a moment of silence to David "Laughing On A Bus" Beckham, who is so beautiful and chill. That bus is so blessed.

    Alesdair McLellan / Courtesy of GQ

    To see more life-ruining pictures from David's GQ shoot, go here. To read more of David's GQ interview, go here. The full story from GQ’s April issue is out tomorrow, March 17.

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