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    23 Cross-Fandom Couples That Should Have Been

    You down with OTP? (Times twenty-three.)

    1. Johanna Mason + Sherlock Holmes = Sherhanna

    Lionsgate Entertainment

    Why: They're both highly intelligent fighters who aren't the best with emotional entanglements. Her raw power and his raw intelligence would make for one serious power couple.

    Ideal date: Dinner in an abandoned mineshaft.

    Do they make it? Yes. They fight a lot and aren't strictly monogamous, but they always come back to each other in the end.

    2. Aragorn + Daenerys Targaryen = Daeragorn

    New Line Cinema

    Why: They're both strong, fierce leaders who maintain their empathy and humanity in the face of battle.

    Ideal date: A steak dinner and a romantic dragon ride.

    Do they make it? Yes. All the way to the Iron Throne of Gondor.

    3. Inara Serra + Angel = Anara

    The WB

    Why: They're both very sensitive, and Inara's centeredness would balance out Angel's angst. Her job might be a little bit of a problem, but at least Angel would never have to worry about losing his soul.

    Ideal date: Tea and cookies (and blood) in Inara's shuttle.

    Do they make it? Ultimately, no. Angel's immortality and Inara's job come between them, but they learn a lot from each other and part ways amicably.

    4. Kaylee Fry + Samwise Gamgee = Kam

    New Line Cinema

    Why: They're both sweet, incredibly strong, loyal, and often undersung heroes. They'd be very supportive of each other, and very committed.

    Ideal date: Picnic with strawberries and cream.

    Do they make it? Yes, and it's adorable.

    5. Peeta Mellark + Rose Tyler = Pose

    Lionsgate Entertainment

    Why: They're both extremely loyal and loving. Rose's sense of adventure and morality would keep Peeta interested, and Peeta could give Rose the long-term love she wants and deserves.

    Ideal date: A small Dalek battle followed by dessert.

    Do they make it? Yes, they're both patient and loving, and the small fights they do have are few and far between.

    6. Jim Moriarty + Bellatrix Lestrange = Moriartrix

    Warner Bros.

    Why: Because they'd achieve world domination.

    Ideal date: They achieve world domination, get bored, and duel to the death.

    Do they make it? Nope, they kill each other.

    7. Mulan + Willow Rosenberg = Willan


    Why: Mulan's tenacity would challenge Willow's natural shyness. Plus, Mulan's power as a fighter and Willow's magic would strike fear in the hearts of evil-doers.

    Ideal date: Mochas in the forest.

    Do they make it? Yes, which is surprising to most of their friends since they fight often, but they're both opinionated people who love a good debate.

    8. Donna Noble + Simon Tam = Dimon


    Why: Donna's sense of humor and boisterous personality would push Simon out of his shy, polite bubble of intellectualism.

    Ideal date: Dinner in the Tardis, dessert on Serenity.

    Do they make it? Unfortunately, no. Donna moves on to less complicated pastures.

    9. Jack Harkness + Gellert Grindelwald = Jackerwald

    Warner Bros.

    Why: Jack could show Grindelwald the power of do-gooding — and even if Grindelwald used black magic on Jack, Jack would still never die (for long).

    Ideal date: Dinner in the Forbidden Forest, dessert in the Tardis.

    Do they make it? No, they have a tumultuous and passionate relationship that ends badly, but both walk away wiser.

    10. Regina Mills + Severus Snape = Severina

    Warner Bros.

    Why: They've both lost love, battle their own capacity for darkness so that they can serve the greater good, and look fantastic in a cape.

    Ideal date: Drinks in the Slytherin Dungeon.

    Do they make it? Yes, they serve as anchors for each other, and since they both have to deal with keeping their dark powers at bay, they make each other stronger.

    11. The Doctor + Hermione Granger = Hermiodoc

    Warner Bros.

    Why: Hermione's intelligence and bravery would give even The Doctor a run for his money, and she could hold her own in the face of any evil — human and alien alike.

    Ideal date: Drinks at The Three Broomsticks, dinner at the Sapphire Waterfall.

    Do they make it? For a while, yes, but like all The Doctor's relationships, it ends. Hermione chooses to return to London, now wiser about the universe, and The Doctor always misses her.

    12. Malcom Reynolds + Buffy Summers = Muffy

    The WB

    Why: Mal has just the right mix of sarcasm and toughness to keep Buffy on her toes, and he'd be up to help with all of Buffy's world-saving. Plus, they're both intensely loyal.

    Ideal date: Patrolling the Sunnydale Graveyard, and sharing a thermos of coffee.

    Do they make it? Yes. Buffy finally finds someone who can keep up with her, and Mal finally finds someone who challenges him. They make it all the way.

    13. Emma Swan + Han Solo = Swan Solo

    Lucasfilms Ltd.

    Why: They're both sassy, strong, and fierce protectors of the people they love. Plus, they're both loners, and would be able to give each other the right mix of commitment and independence.

    Ideal date: Whiskey at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

    Do they make it? They end up parting ways because of individual obligations, but whenever their paths cross, things get fiery.

    14. Katniss Everdeen + Jacob Black = Jacniss

    Lionsgate Entertainment
    Summit Entertainment

    Why: They're both very outdoorsy. Jacob is a great mix of sensitivity and strength, which is perfect for Katniss, who would need someone patient and unwavering to complement her independent nature.

    Ideal date: A weekend camping trip — they catch their own food.

    Do they make it? Yes, they go through rough patches, but they never forget their mutual respect for each other.

    15. Tris Prior + Gale Hawthorne = Trale

    Summit Entertainment
    Lionsgate Entertainment

    Why: They're both fearless fighters who believe in going against the grain, even if that means fighting the government. They'd accomplish any goal.

    Ideal date: Weekend retreat in the mountains.

    Do they make it? No, they are both ultimately more committed to their ideals than making their romantic relationships a priority.

    16. Sookie Stackhouse + Spike = Spookie

    The WB

    Why: Sookie would appreciate Spike's no-nonsense sass, and Spike would dig a chick who can handle his dark side. Plus, Sookie could keep Spike in line, no problem.

    Ideal date: Wine (and blood) on a blanket in the bayou.

    Do they make it? No, Sookie ends up continuing her search for a non-paranormal relationship, and Spike runs back to Drusilla.

    17. Catelyn Stark + Obi-Wan Kenobi = Cobi

    Lucasfilns Ltd.

    Why: They're both grounded, tactic fighters. They're also both fiercely loyal to the few they let into their circle, and could strategize a swift and decisive end to the Sith/Lannisters.

    Ideal date: Fencing lessons followed by a hearty dinner at Winterfell.

    Do they make it? Their romance fails, but they stay friends and allies.

    18. Jon Snow + Elsa = Jelsa


    Why: His last name is "Snow," so. Plus, they're both introverts who are often forced into the limelight, and are very dedicated to their families. Plus, Elsa could help Jon relax, and show him how to...let it go.

    Ideal date: Dinner in Elsa's ice castle, where Elsa's giant magic snowman could fend off the White Walkers.

    Do they make it? No, they both decide to focus on their lives outside of romance, but they stay friends.

    19. Anna + Ron Weasley = Ronna

    Warner Bros.

    Why: They are both adorkable, redheaded underdogs. They'd appreciate their shared goofiness, and probably wear awesomely nerdy matching Halloween costumes.

    Ideal date: Netflix and a bottle of wine at The Burrow.

    Do they make it? Yes, they have common interests, and their shared sense of humor keeps them together.

    20. Loki + Mystique = Lostique


    Why: They're both highly intelligent, highly capable fighters who have their own definition of morality. Mystique wouldn't buy into Loki's deceitful charm — they'd challenge each other. Plus, they'd do some seriously hot damage.

    Ideal date: Feast at Asgard.

    Do they make it? They both end up trying to use the other to gain power, fail, and break up.

    21. Éowyn + Sirius Black = Sirowyn

    Warner Bros.

    Why: Both have a fiery nature, and Éowyn's tenacity would keep Sirius on his toes. Plus, they're both capable fighters, romantics at heart, and intensely loyal.

    Ideal date: A feast at The Golden Hall, and drinks at 12 Grimmauld Place.

    Do they make it? Yes, though when they fight, it's legendary. Mostly, they balance and support each other.

    22. Neville Longbottom + Molly Hooper = Hooville


    Why: They're both intelligent, brave heroes who are often overlooked. Plus, they're both naturally shy and loyal and would be deeply committed to each other.

    Ideal date: A day trip to Hogsmeade, and an evening watching NCIS.

    Do they make it? They break up once, but quickly realize how right they are for each other and reconcile.

    23. Bran Stark + Luna Lovegood = Bruna

    Warner Bros.

    Why: They're both sensitive souls who see things other people often miss. Luna's eccentricities would blend well with Bran's special abilities, and their quiet natures would mix well.

    Ideal date: Movie marathon at Winterfell.

    Do they make it? Yes, they rarely fight and recognize that their relationship is a rarity.

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