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Some Dude Asked Natalie Dormer How She Feels About Looking Like Kermit The Frog's Girlfriend

Hmmmmm OK.

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And when it came time for audience questions, one dude had a very specific one. Namely, how Natalie felt about her "uncanny" similarity in appearance to Kermit the Frog's new girlfriend, Denise.


And revealed that she was actually bullied as a child for having a "piggy nose."

Natalie actually requested that the writers of Game of Thrones include a bit of her own nose struggles in Margaery's backstory.


As Margaery and Sansa walk together in Season 3, Margaery shares that her sister Alanna used to call her "pig face" and oink at her as she passed.

Before the scene was filmed, Natalie asked the writers to include in the script that it be called a "piggy nose" specifically, for her "own demons." Then it would be like "sticking up two fingers up at the bullies from [her] childhood."

Then Natalie cracked a great joke about the whole debacle, and moved on.


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