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    25 Chilling Tim Burton Costumes You Should Try This Halloween

    ♫ This is Halloween, everybody make a scene... ♫

    1. This beautifully subtle Lady Beetlejuice.

    2. And this more frightening take on Lady Beetlejuice.

    3. The couple who appears when you say their name three times.

    4. And this couple, who just watched The Exorcist for the one hundred and sixty-seventh time.

    5. The girl whose whole life is a dark room. One big, dark room.

    6. And this simple but instantly recognizable Lydia Deetz.

    7. This awesomely accurate paper mache Barbara.

    8. This exact recreation of The Queen of Hearts.

    9. And this darker, stunning take on the famous monarch.

    10. And her equally stunning sister.

    11. This maddeningly stunning Mad Hatter.

    12. This perfectly scarred Edward.

    13. And this striking lady Edward.

    14. This heartbreakingly believable tableaux.

    15. This flawless nod to Mars Attacks.

    16. This Demon Barber of Fleet Street's chilling streak.

    17. The barber whose arm, at last, is complete again.

    18. This rendition of Mrs. Lovett, complete with a tray of the worst pies in London.

    19. This scarily convincing Corpse Bride.

    20. And this artistically impressive Emily.

    21. This sweet couple, just trying to navigate married life after death.

    22. This Sally and Oogie Boogie combo.

    23. And solo Sally, complete with intricate stitches.

    24. This terrifying Jack Skellington paint job.

    25. This creepy couple who stepped straight out of Halloween Land.