Chelsea Handler Shares Her Own Experiences With Drugs In "Chelsea Does"

    Check out the new trailer for Chelsea Does Drugs, exclusively on BuzzFeed.

    In her new Netflix show, Chelsea Does, Chelsea Handler is doing a lot of drugs in one of the 4-part series. We chatted with her about her own highs and lows. Check out the trailer exclusively on BuzzFeed.

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    "I’ve done pretty much every drug — besides, like, heroin and crystal meth — I’m pretty versed. I did a lot of drugs in high school," Handler told BuzzFeed.

    Handler first smoked pot when she was 16, and only after some persuasion from her friends.

    In the series, Handler travels to Peru to try ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew, with a shaman guide.

    Handler also got a medical marijuana card specifically for the documentary. "You just tell them, like, your foot hurts. Seriously, that’s what I said... You just have to say anything and they give it to you."

    She still smokes weed, and thinks it should be legal. "A lot of people are much better when they’re stoned. People should be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want, everything should be legal."

    Handler still prefers a good alcohol buzz to being high, so why drugs? "Everyone mixes sleeping pills with alcohol and Adderall and everything, it was just to demonstrate."

    And though she doesn't smoke a lot, she's personally never had a bad trip.

    Chelsea Does premieres on Netflix Saturday, January 23.