25 Celebrities Who Have Unbelievably Accurate "Magic The Gathering" Twins

That’s one deck of a resemblance. Redditor metalslug53 made this glorious observation.

1. Ken “Snapcaster Mage” Jeong

Ethan Miller / Getty


2. Catherine Zeta “Michiko Konda” Jones

Kevin Winter / Getty


3. Selena “Somberwald Dryad” Gomez

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty


4. John “Marhault Elsdragon” Travolta

Gabriel Olsen / Getty


5. Chuck “Dwarven Thaumatugrist” Norris

Jason Merritt / Getty


6. Nicolas “Skinshifter” Cage

Gareth Cattermole / Getty


7. Johnny “Lifesmith” Depp


8. Michael “Oona’s Gatewarden” Jackson

Carlo Allegri / Getty


9. David “Venser, the Sojourner” Tennant


10. Katy “Shattered Perception” Perry

Getty / Frazer Harrison


11. Phil “Venerable Monk” LaMarr


12. Brad “Soldier of Fortune” Pitt


13. Alanis “Wellwisher” Morissette


14. George “Veteran Bodyguard” Clooney

Jason Merritt / Getty


15. Jerry “The Fallen” Seinfeld

Stephen Lovekin / Getty


16. Peter “Charm Peddler” Dinklage

Kevin Winter / Getty


17. Liam “Thraben Doomsayer” Neeson

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty


18. Jim “Diabolic Tutor” Carrey

Mario Tama / Getty


19. Idina Adele “Braids, Cabal Minion” Menzel Dazeem

Peter Kramer / Getty


20. James “Remand” Franco


21. Cameron “Liliana of the Veil” Diaz


22. Bruce “Northern Paladin” Campbell


23. Gary “Undead Alchemist” Busey

Jason Kempin / Getty


24. Bret “Eron The Relentless” Michaels

Michael Buckner / Getty


25. Sarah Jessica “Armored Warhorse” Parker

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty


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