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23 Times Cate Blanchett Proved She's The One True Queen

Cate is great.

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5. When she was the only woman to play Bob Dylan in 2007's I'm Not There...


9. And every other time she went on Ellen and did her small, awkward, wonderful dance moves.

10. And the little butt-shake-sit-down on The Tonight Show! Every time.

11. The moment she secured her status as a fashion icon.


12. The time she revealed the truth behind the special effects used to create dark Galadriel.

13. And made perhaps the greatest joke in nerd history.

14. When she put her awesome eloquence on display.


17. When she openly acknowledged her royal status.


23. The time she acknowledged her own awesomeness, and it was good.


Thumbnail images courtesy of: StudioCanal / Jason Merritt / Andreas Rentz / Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images