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    Wendy's And Burger King Got Into A Fight On Twitter

    The world is changed.

    Wendy's and Burger King both have great Twitter accounts. BK likes to dish out life advice.

    But then, so does Wendy.

    Wendy has a strong emoji game.

    But then, so does BK.

    And so, it is shocking that with one simple tweet, the world of fast food Twitter was shaken to its core. Observe this simple promotional tweet from Wendy:

    Harmless, right?

    Burger King

    No big deal, right?

    Burger King


    Burger King

    Burger King shot off this LOADED subtweet just hours later:







    And Wendy was not about to take that lying down, so she clapped back:


    Warner Bros.


    Burger King

    There's a screenshot of a tweet going around that shows Wendy calling BK a hoe...

    ...but it doesn't appear on Wendy's account and is almost 100% certainly fake.

    Regardless, the world is a changed place.

    1. Who won the Fast Food Twitter Battle of 2016?

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    Who won the Fast Food Twitter Battle of 2016?
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      Burger King the Silent Shade Master
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      Wendy the Clapback Queen

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