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Bryan Cranston Married A Couple On A Plane Because He Can Do Anything

Bryan Cranston, hero.

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We know Bryan Cranston is a man of talent. He's a funny man, a man who knows comedy.

He knows the art of a good burn, and a good mic drop as well.

Bryan Cranston also knows how important it is to keep bromance alive and well.

He has really super handwriting and isn't afraid to bestow it upon his loyal fans.

And he will, hopefully, play Mr. Sinister in the near future.

But you may not know that Bryan Cranston is also an ordained minister. Basically, the man can do anything.

Obvi that's a pope hat but you get it.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Obvi that's a pope hat but you get it.

He told James Corden all about his higher calling. It all started when Bryan was but a young college student, and he met a man named Reverend Bob.


But Reverend Bob was not great with time management, and accidentally scheduled two weddings at the same time. Young Bryan Cranston had to step in, and got paid a whole $175.


His first wedding took place in an airplane over the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. So obviously everyone had to scream to hear over the sound of the plane.

So romantic. Check out the full story below.

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