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27 Of The Best Reactions To Taylor Swift's New Music Video

*Patiently waits for "Wildest Dreams" makeup tutorials to appear online*

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1. This perfect, very applicable mashup:

2. This too-real summary of waiting for the music video to drop:

3. And what happened when it did:


4. Seriously, so many feelings:

5. And the wait beginning all over again:

6. The cameo we all wish we had:

a shot from my cameo in the "wildest dreams" video

7. But tragically it went to the amazing and versatile Karlie Kloss.


8. This 🔥 character development:

9. And this 😸 character development:

10. This parallel:

11. So many heartbreaking parallels:

Teardrops On My Guitar (2007) You Belong With Me (2009) White Horse (2009) Wildest Dreams (2015) parallels


12. And happier parallels, too:


14. Oh, and we all caught the details, right?

15. ALL the details?


16. There were a lot of details:

17. And some were definitely real and some were MAYBE real?!


18. This Princess Diaries connection:

19. This romantic astrology lesson:


20. This amazing friendship just waiting to happen:

21. And this heated argument just waiting to happen:

22. This very appropriate renaming:

23. This truly brilliant pun:


24. This moment of universal Taylor pride:

Get it, girl.

25. This extremely valid question:

26. And this extremely valid proposal:

27. This truth: