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    B.J. Novak's New "Arthur" Cartoon Character Looks Exactly Like Him

    Pretty cute, tbh.

    B.J. Novak — actor, author, and Dundie winner — is guest-starring on Arthur as a hipster dog. Get an exclusive first look below:

    Novak is playing M.C., the cool new fourth-grade teacher at Arthur and Buster's school — and the character REALLY looks like him.

    M.C. does seem pretty cool, tbh. He's rocking that laid-back Brooklyn beanie.

    He doesn't even consider himself a "teacher," really.

    His ice cream order is possibly the most hipster thing ever:

    Arthur and Buster think he's the raddest.

    And M.C., of course, rides a scooter.

    Catch M.C. in a new episode of Arthur, airing May 23 on PBS Kids.