Beyoncé Always Takes Her Pre-Met Gala Pictures In Front Of A Weird Wall

    Where is it????

    It's no secret that Queen Beyoncé rules the Met Gala carpet with a firm but gentle hand. And, kind ruler that she is, she always treats us to pre-carpet looks on her Instagram. She looked AMAZING last year:

    And here she is in 2014, looking funereal and perfect:

    And tonight was no different. She BROUGHT IT:

    But, you notice anything SIMILAR about all three of these pictures?

    Oh, right. They were all taken in front of the same weird, white wall, on the same weird, brown rug.

    This trend seems to have started in 2014. In 2013, Bey Instagrammed this photo from the Met Gala:

    So where is this wall? Is it in the parking garage? Is it part of a service elevator?

    Probably not. She probably just creates it with her mind.

    Because she can do anything.