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    Benedict Cumberbatch Is Filming "Sherlock" Again And He Looks Damn Good

    Fetch the fainting couch.

    Perhaps you are already familiar with the perfect human specimen that is Benedict Cumberbatch.

    He's had a lot of great roles, like Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness...

    ...and, oh yeah, SHERLOCK FRICKIN' HOLMES.

    It hasn't been very long since we last saw Sherlock in action — it's been only a few months since "The Abominable Bride" aired.

    But Benedict Cumberbatch is already back in action as Sherlock...which is GREAT NEWS, considering we're used to waiting a much longer time between episodes.

    Here he is, running! He's running! In London!

    He's wearing his iconic scarf!

    Such excellent form, sir!

    He's taking a well-deserved break from all that running!

    He's serving some PRIME Sherlock Broody McBrood Face!

    Aaaaand now he's taking a tea break.

    This is gonna be good.