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39 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures That'll Change How You Watch Marvel Movies

Nebula's mask looks like a Fruit Roll-Up.

1. Tony Stark and Thanos are actually kinda friends:

2. Vision doesn't have perfect vision:

3. Getting Nebula's face off is a whooole process:

4. And once it's off, it looks like a big Fruit Roll-Up:

5. Nebula also needs KY Jelly just to get into her daily outfit:

6. And Gamora getting her face put on? Also a whooole process:

7. It requires sustenance:

8. This is what it looked like to film Korg's scenes in Thor: Ragnarok:

9. And this is what it looked like filming Hulk's scenes in Ragnarok:

10. Poor Bruce Banner had to get CGI dots drawn on his face:

11. And had to wear a freaky mask to get it done:

12. Tony and the two Peters sure looked different posing on Titan than they did in Infinity War:

13. This is what Rocket looked like on the set of Guardians:

14. Yup, here's Rocket mourning Groot:

15. Gamora's always secretly loved jamming out to good tunes:

16. Even Doctor Strange likes to screw around sometimes:

17. Regular Gamora and Smol Gamora met up, Soul Stone be damned:

18. Hela appreciates modern technology:

19. Drax is secretly capable of showing emotion:

20. And loves a good sandwich:

21. Gamora's stunt doubles used to have creepy masks that didn't end up making it into the movies:

22. Ego likes naps almost as much as Gamora and Star-Lord like texting:

23. And, awkward, Korg and Thor don't actually get along:

24. Gamora's secretly a member of the props department:

25. Yondu has a sweeter, softer side:

26. Hope van Dyne loves a bold lip:

27. And she's secretly pretty tight with the villainous Ghost — they even try on wigs together:

28. Here's the myriad of green makeup it takes to achieve that signature Gamora glow:

29. And Star-Lord's signature, one-of-a-kind jacket is actually not so one-of-a-kind after all:

30. Like the proper spy she is, Nakia really knows how to blend in when she has to:

31. M'Baku's always a good time, even when he's stuck in a makeup chair:

32. And Nakia miiight secretly be working for the Jabari Tribe:

33. W'Kabi and Okoye, contrary to popular belief, know how to let loose when they want to:

34. Letting loose is an important part of living in Wakanda, tbh:

35. Thor's a god and all, but he still has a stunt man:

36. And Drax has a convincing stand-in:

37. Honestly, any of the Core Four's stand-ins from Guardians will make you do a double take:

38. Nebula looks really good in hats:

39. And Thor's actually a great tour guide: