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20 Beautifully Creative Ways To Give Someone The Finger

When you need to flip the bird, flip it with style.

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1. Give it with magic.

Jeremy Scheuch / Via

2. Give it with fire.

Atelier WM / Via Facebook: media

3. Give it to everyone.

Art Lebedev Studio / Via

4. Give it wholeheartedly.

5. Give it as a gift.

Neato Shop / Via

6. Give it with a pun.

Etsy / Via

7. Don't even give it, sock it.

K. Bell Socks / Via

8. Give it sweetly.

Jenni Cakes / Via

9. Give it shadily.

Blue Fly / Via

10. Give it with hardware.

11. Give it with style.

Gregory's / Via!249/Dogana+suede+f+u+tall+boot

12. Give it subtly.

With HANDMADE jewelry.
Etsy / Via

With HANDMADE jewelry.

13. Give it to your ex-wife every day for $7,000.

Gawker / Via

14. Give it twice at once.

Etsy / Via

15. Give it with caution.

16. Give it even if you don't know what it means.

Etsy / Via

17. Let your inner child give it.

Etsy / Via

18. Give it officially.

Etsy / Via

19. Give it post-mortem.

Galileo's middle finger is currently on display in the Museo Galileo.

20. Give it without actually giving it.

Etsy / Via

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