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    27 Times Tumblr Made "Buffy" Fans Weep Openly

    She saved the world. A lot.

    1. When Buffy was wiser than she knew.

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    2. Angel in the beginning and Angel in the end.

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    3. This most blasphemous sight.

    4. When Xander and Cordelia found common ground.

    5. JENNY.

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    6. This reminder of the emotional rollercoaster that was Xanya.

    7. When Buffy knew she was going to die, but got dressed up anyway.

    8. Every time Angel and Buffy tried to put the other's needs ahead of their own.

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    9. And every time they came so close to making it work.

    The WB

    10. The story that Sarah Michelle Gellar was as heartbroken over Buffy and Angel as the rest of us were.

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    It doesn't even matter if it's true.

    11. This callback to when Oz and Willow were just beginning.

    The WB / Via

    12. And to when they were ending.

    The WB / Via

    13. This painful reminder.

    The WB / Via

    14. And the isolation of responsibility.

    The WB / UPN / Via

    15. This fantastic truth.

    The WB / UPN / Via

    16. When Tara and Dawn wouldn't leave each other.

    17. When it randomly snowed in California, but it somehow made perfect sense.

    18. When Angel came to prom.

    19. And Sunnydale High finally gave Buffy the recognition she deserved.

    20. Every beloved character's first line in the series, next to their last.

    21. The way Spike always protected Dawn.

    22. The quiet grief Giles bore.

    The WB / UPN / Via

    23. When Spike gave everything, and finally got what he had always wanted.

    24. Only to lose it again.

    25. When Buffy Summers saved the world. A lot.

    The WB / Via

    26. The beginning, and the end.

    27. And this very, very accurate question.

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