21 Reasons Dr. Cox Is The Mentor This World Needs

    We're all just newbies in need of his guidance.

    1. Dr. Cox has artfully mastered the ability to stay cool under pressure.

    2. He's excellent at diffusing tense situations.

    3. He has the gift of foresight.

    4. His critical thinking skills are unparalleled.

    5. All family men could learn a thing or two from Dr. Cox.

    6. He uses his medical power only for good.

    7. But doesn't let his medical knowledge limit him. He considers all possibilities.

    8. No one gives better lessons in real talk.

    9. He's firmly planted in reality.

    10. People need to be taught to recognize and embrace their strengths, which Dr. Cox does with ease.

    11. He understands and enforces appropriate boundaries.

    12. When it comes to romance, he's got some sage insight.

    13. He has an answer for everything.

    14. He's a learned man, a man of academic prowess.

    15. But balances out that intellectualism with pop culture knowledge.

    16. He knows what a person's highest priorities should be.

    17. Tough love. He knows how to dish it out.

    18. But beneath that prickly, snarky demeanor...

    19. ...there's a wealth of validating warmth...

    20. ...and an understanding that the key to succeeding is finding your own way to cope with both victories and losses.

    21. But most importantly, Dr. Percival Ulysses Cox really understands people.