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At Long Last, We Know Arnold's Full Name On "Hey Arnold"

Eugene is gay, Pigeon Man lives, and Helga grew up to be president.

The new Hey Arnold two-part animated movie looks, from what we've seen so far, absolutely amazing.

Craig Bartlett, the show's executive producer and original creator, said at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend that the reboot will "answer every fan question [it] possibly [can]."

But tbh, we had a lot of questions about the original series and couldn't wait for the reboot to come out in 2017. So we sat down with Bartlett at Comic-Con and demanded answers. JK, we asked very nicely. Here's everything we learned.

We, AT LONG LAST, have confirmed Arnold's full name: Arnold Phillip Shortman.

Yes, Mr. Simmons is gay. And he replaced Miss Slovak because she was "too much of a caricature."

And Eugene is also gay.

Helga's mom, Miriam, was definitely an alcoholic.

No, Pigeon Man did not kill himself. He flew to Paris — and he might be back for The Jungle Movie.

Stoop Kid did, in fact, travel the world to see all the Great Stoops.

No, Grandpa Phil's head was not drawn to look like a penis on purpose.

But most importantly, we asked Bartlett to draw what Helga would look like as an adult...



The Jungle Movie will premiere on Thanksgiving of 2017 — keep an eye out for Pigeon Man's return.