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A Man Proposed To His Boyfriend At The London Star Trek Convention

May the happy couple live long and prosper. H/t Reddit.

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At the Destination Star Trek Convention in London, on the fake bridge of the USS Enterprise, Jonathan Lilley proposed to his boyfriend of nearly three years, Tom Jenkins.

Courtesy of Jonathan Lilley

This was the couple's first ever Star Trek convention. In the background, 12 of their closest friends attended, dressed as their favorite Star Trek characters.

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Lilley said, "Star Trek has been a massive part of our relationship, it's what we watch on a Sunday morning with breakfast in bed."

Courtesy of Jonathan Lilley

The two first met on their daily commute into London. Lilley said he "thought [Tom] had a magnificent beard and handsome eyes so [he] plucked up the courage to say hello."

When asked if they agree on who the best captain of the Enterprise is, Jonathan confirmed they're meant to be. "We're both firmly in the Jean-Luc camp, but if the truth be told...