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    29 Facebook Users Who Must Be Stopped

    They know not what they do.

    1. This seeker of truth.

    2. This panicked cook.

    3. This academic.

    4. This wronged astronomer.

    5. This smooth criminal.

    6. This social media expert.

    7. He who struck fear into the hearts of Lims everywhere.

    8. This future doctor.

    9. This budding entomologist.

    10. This shy wordsmith.

    11. This inappropriate namer of cars.

    12. This master of analogies.

    13. This cinephile.

    14. This most devout over-sharer.

    15. This online shopper.

    16. These multitaskers.

    17. This hopeless romantic.

    18. This juggalo enthusiast.

    19. This happy traveller.

    20. This master sleuth.

    21. This animal rights activist.

    22. These two star-crossed lovers.

    23. This devoted family man.

    24. This theologian.

    25. This second-guesser, who need not second-guess.

    26. This social butterfly.

    27. This philosopher.

    28. This blushing bride.

    29. Gilligan.

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