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25 "Rogue One" Jokes That Will Force You To Laugh

That Darth Vader pun tho. Spoilers ahead.

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1. On the next generation of geeks:

"mom, why is my cousin named harry?" "Bc ur aunt loves Harry Potter" "How abt me?" "Be quiet Jyn Cassian Bodhi Baze…

2. On giving the films a more appropriate name:

3. On how we ALL reacted to that one scene:

4. On character development:

5. Seriously, Darth Vader made a PUN:

6. A play on words:

7. Goddamnit:

8. But let's be honest, it wasn't the best line in the movie:

you: darth vader was the highlight of rogue one me, an intellectual: "are you kidding me? IM BLIND" was the higlight of rogue one

9. On how we all eventually became Saw Gerrera:

10. On the meaning of love post–Rogue One:

11. On the sweet and perfect cinnamon roll that is Cassian:

12. On our collective emotional truth:

13. On the real reason Darth Vader avoided the final beach showdown:

The REAL reason Darth Vader decided not to fight on the beach on Scarif. 🙄 #RogueOne

14. On fandom:

girl: i like star wars boy: name the cousin of the brother of the distant family friend of the actor who played darth vader

15. On Jyn and K-2SO's frenemyship:

First half of Rogue One Jyn: *breathes* K2SO:

16. And on Cassian and K-2SO's true love:

17. On the glory of fanfiction:

i love how no one is straight in the Trinity of Pilots

18. On Rogue One being deemed a "war movie":

19. On the typo we've all made:

20. On emotional destruction:

21. On pure emotional destruction:


23. On that final scene:

there is nothing worse than when you are watching a stirring tribute to young Darth Vader and then someone has photoshopped in your mom

24. Seriously, that final scene was a lot:

25. And finally, on Bodhi mirroring our own feelings:

The best things at three price points