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    23 "Sense8" Jokes That Are Just...Sense8tional

    Wow, what a sense8tional show. (WARNING: Spoilers for Season 2)

    1. When this very important distinction was made:

    2. When Sun summed up all of 2017 so far:

    3. When the true brilliance of Sense8 was revealed:

    4. When everyone realized Wolfgang is that friend:

    5. And that he cannot catch a goddamn break:

    6. When Kala and Wolfgang's love was accurately summed up:

    7. And when Lito mirrored our collective angst about the Season 2 finale:


    9. Seriously:

    10. When Sun and Mun redefined foreplay:

    11. And adoration:

    12. And relationships in general:

    13. Honestly, Sun is the best:

    14. When Amanita did anything:

    15. When Kala's badass skills were directly at odds with her strong morals:

    16. When emojis spoke louder than words ever could:

    17. When everyone recognized the show's low-key most iconic duo:

    18. When everyone had the same thought during Teagan's wedding:

    19. When we all recognized Lito's place in the cluster:

    20. When Will showed promising character development:

    21. When the addiction first set in:

    22. And when you realized it was too late, there was no going back:

    23. Yes, you found your people, but now you have to wait for Season 3:

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