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16 Rounds Of "Never Have I Ever" With The "Fantastic Four" Cast

We sat down with the cast of Fantastic Four and discovered they can all do a really good Batman voice.

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Kate Mara: Not really? OK.

Miles Teller: In the middle.

You never wanted to be a superhero?

MT: Not really — it kind of became the culture for young actors to get plucked for these big franchises and stuff... I wanted to be a baseball player.


Jamie Bell: Michelle Pfeiffer, Catwoman.

KM: I was actually going to say, "Michelle Pfeiffer, Catwoman." We're so similar.

JB: We are.

KM: It's crazy.

Michael B. Jordan: Who? Name somebody.


KM: That was easy.

MT: If you consider Jessica Rabbit a superhero.

MBJ: Guilty.

KM: Mmmhmm.


KM: We probably should have.

JB: Yeah, probably should have.


MBJ: I mean, as a kid, yeah. Come on.

What superpower?

MBJ: I think it was, like, everything. Every X-Man possible, I'm pretty sure...flying, teleportation, ice beams, fire, all that stuff.

MT: I think I did the hooks. With, like, knives or something.

MBJ: Wolverine and stuff? Yeah.


JB: That's a good one.

MT: A lot of shit can go wrong on that!

JB: What do you mean?

KM: Yeah, I'm with you, Miles.

MT: Virgin just tested their... that is a very dangerous—

JB: But they've successfully done it for a long time.

MT: Yeah, with astronauts. But I'm saying, there's going to get to a point very soon, you pay $250,000, Virgin will take you into space.

JB: They're not going to space though... it's not really space space, it's like, "Weightless for a bit! Down again."

KM: Boys.


KM: Isn't that the same question?

But you were so excited about space!

: Yeah, but that's far. That's a year, in a spaceship, with these guys. No way.

MT: I'm not going with you.

KM: No.

MBJ: No.


What would it be?

MT: What do you mean? It was for this movie.

Your personal superhero costume. Like, you as Miles Teller.

MT: No. Get out of here.


JB: I had cigarettes and a lighter in my bag.

MT: We stole beer out of a lot of our neighbors' garages.

MBJ: Skipping class. A lot of them. They add up.


MBJ: Yeah, for sure.

KM: Mmhmm.

JB: At some point, yeah.

MT: I was No Way! until we found this new planet, and then I'm like, Guilty!


KM: I mean, duh. Everyone has, right?

MBJ: Who hasn't?

JB: Of course.



MBJ: Yeah, he's a smart man.


KM: Oprah.

MT: Kobe.

JB: Michael Keaton.

MBJ: A lot, like. Oprah, Sidney Poitier, for sure. Yeah, starstruck, definitely.


MT: You are definitely—

MBJ: I don't feel like going through the, Which one? I'm not doing all that. Just, yeah, Guilty!

Sooo, any specific ones?

MBJ: See, exactly why I didn't want to answer the question. Nope, nothing.

JB: Kennedy's fucking suspicious, still. Something's up with that. For sure.

MT: Zayn Malik!


MT: I'm from Florida! I've been all around Florida.

So you've ridden it?

MT: Yeah. Cool. Not as good as the Hulk Coaster.


MT: Is The Jinx on Netflix?

JB: No, it's on HBO. Doesn't count.

MBJ: Orange Is the New Black. Good one.

KM: A lot. The Fall, Happy Valley...

House of Cards?

KM: House of Cards. The list goes on.


KM: Oh, hell no.

MBJ: It was pretty mandatory... You didn't really have an option in school.

MT: You had to. Just picked the smartest kid and were like, You're my partner.

MBJ: Made a papier-mâché volcano, of course. Everybody's done that at least once.


KM: [in Batman voice] All the time.

I think we need to hear it.

MBJ: Was that a setup?

KM: I just did mine.

MT: [in Batman voice] Order. Food.

KM: [in Batman voice] Let's get the fuck out of here.

MBJ: Just like that.