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Oprah Speaks

Why if Oprah Winfrey can understand oppression, can the rest of the world be so incapable

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God bless Oprah Winfrey. Last night at the Golden Globes she stood up and talked about oppression. Even though half of the way through the speech I was concerned that she was speaking from a rich persons point of view and then from a womans point of view, she managed to pull it all back around and speak to everyone. Gender, race, wealth and social class all addressed in a ten minute speech. Yes she is a black woman, but it didnt matter, she preached for the many of us that just want the hysteria to end, some peace, some quiet and yes some equality, but equality for all.

Fast forward to this morning and I woke up to a British journalist, that works for the state funded BBC no less whining about her pay. Yes she was paid less for her role than her male counterparts and admittedly that seems a little unfair. But not knowing the details of what the job entailed for each person, male or female, I am reserving judgement as to whether the pay situation was really an issue. She certainly didnt find it offensive enough to actually quit her employment at the BBC. No she just reassigned her position moving from Chinese Correspondent back to the newsroom. But she managed to do that with such a dramatic flare that women are applauding her all over. Whilst I just sit and die a little bit inside.

We ladies have a problem and its not what everyone thinks. In one night, a woman that works in the media talked about a new day, she talked about all social groups, she said 'times up' for not only women that feel oppressed, but for all people that are sick of world right now. Then on the opposite side of the Atlantic, a middle class women that works in the media complained that her 100k wage was not enough. She feels oppressed by her employers that she is not at the same pound value as a man doing similar role. She made it personal, she made it material, she made women look like spoilt little fools.

Men have spoken this morning in admiration for Oprah. For her message, for the fact that she spoke on behalf of them along with all the women that have been telling their stories of late. Men at the BBC on the otherhand have been largely silent for their colleague. Silent because like many of us, they are probably thinking why is this news. However, the fact that it is news is where the biggest problem of being a woman lies.

Ladies how do you expect people to take women seriously when you keep on making sound boards out of issues that just don't matter? The gender pay gap for instance doesn't exist for the working class. Male or female, we are all underpaid and overworked. If you earn 100k and a man earns 120k for a similar job, I won’t cry any tears for you because my family exists on 25% of that every year. A family of four people that is. If you have been touched on non sexual area of your body in mildly innapropriate manner by a member of the opposite sex, I wont cry any tears for you because we all have. Male and female workers have all been touched in one way or another at some time or another. Its not harrasment, its social interaction.

That being said, if you have been attacked, sexually harrased verbally or physically, made to feel at risk or god forbid raped. I am throwing out my full Oprah and fighting in your corner because your story matters. It matters to women, it matters to men, it matters for the future and it matters more than even you know. If you are in an minority and paid less at a working class level per hour than another person, I will fight your corner like a dog because that matters. It matters that our children don't grow up thinking that they are worth less in every day life than their neighbours and friends. Tell your story by all means. Help everyone help you.

Women are the keepers of society. Women nurture, women grind,, women manage so many jobs all day everyday that they never speak about. It is what women do. Men have their own roles that are equally as important also. Oprah gets that and she spoke so effortlessly about the silent majority. She made a plea for the average person to be treated properly. She was serious and I took her at her word. The BBC Journalist, Carrie Gracie totally missed the point. She messed up the message. She gave me a problem, an itch, a annoyance that made me write this.

Ladies I have a request. If we could all just stay on message, like Oprah did last night we might actually get some resolve this year. If we could all look out for everyone around us and not just those that are creating drama, that would be great. If we could do that, then I would take Oprah's God Bless and I would throw it around everyone out there. Plus, I bet it wouldn't be just me either. We need some equality but we also need equal amounts of sense to achieve it. This is just a plea, from little old me

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