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Louise Redknapp: Mid Life Crisis Going Wrong

Retort from someone the same age towards Louise Redknapp and her well publicised mid life crisis

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Louise Redknapp: Mid Life Crisis going wrong - Retort from someone the same age towards Louise Redknapp and her well publicised mid life crisis

Okay, so lets talk about Louise Redknapp and how she is giving me a brain bleed. I cant help it. The woman is driving me insane and here is the reason why.

Louise and I are the same age. We were the in the same UK school year. We are at the same stage in life. Essentially we are both middle aged women which is not great to admit, but never the less an unequivocal fact. Anyway, I seem to have spent the last few weeks (mainly through social media,) being updated on Louise's marriage, lifestyle and overall discontention with her status quo. It has caught my attention obviously. As a woman I am naturally voyeuristic (nosy,) and I always love a little bit of gossip, so reading Louise's interviews haven't had me stretched at all. However, it has also been 'cringeworthy' at best. Louise is nosediving into the mid life crisis that I am trying to avoid. So I have found myself increasingly saying 'Ouch, oh God no, why?' at the computer screen and yes, I am a little bit confused by it all to be honest.

Years ago I was in the bar Mello Mello in Liverpool and Louise was their with her then boyfriend Jamie. I remember it because Jamie was my 'crush' at the time, I was around 2 months pregnant with my middle son and I had to remove myself from the bar area to the toilet when I saw them. I was having some sort of excited hyperventilation fit and couldn't breathe. It was just one of those kinds of moments. Then around 18 months later, I was walking up Paradise Street with my friend. It was throwing down with rain and we both had buggy's and bags hanging from us, when Louise came out of Herberts hairdressers looking crushingly glamorous. My friend and I laughed at the state of ourselves and then dragged our kids and shopping home. But that was also one of those moments, when life just hits you smack in the face.

Flash forward twenty years, Louise and I have a lot more in common than we did. She is now a wife, as am I. She is now a mother also and we both have a nine year old child. So I can imagine that like me, she feels a little bit knackered, probably old, and generally not the girl she used to be. But there is a fundamental difference between us. Basically I don't want to chase the girl that I once was and even if I had that thought, I would never break up my family over it.

She says that since becoming a mother she has lost sense of self. Well honey thats because the moment you popped out your eldest son, you became part of a pair and then when your youngest came along, you became a trio. Your sense of self doesn't exist any more because you are now in charge of two other lives. When you have kids you tend to have to spend every waking moment thinking about them. Its in the job description. On even the very basic level, say if you had one piece of bread left, you don't get to halve it, or even a nibble. You have to give your child the bread and suck up your hunger. That is parenthood. It sucks, they never thank you, but that feeling they give you, when they do something monumental or even just give you a hug, should be enough for you to know you are doing the best job in the world. Nothing should match that.

She says that a 'sweeping staircase and designer handbag' doesn't 'do it' for her. Oh Louise, what are you looking for? Having a handbag or staircase at all is a gift. There are people all over the world living in piles of bombed out rubble. People smashed by mother nature that have no homes or possesions left. People that literally have no food, no water and no hope of getting some any time soon. There are mothers that can not feed there children, fathers that have been literally forced into fighting a war. There are people in your own country that have nothing at all. Those people would often love to do something for themselves. They don't though because they have to concentrate on getting through the day with the limited resources they have. You see everyone is grinding and disappointed chick. But you know, most are doing it with an Asda bag for life and not a Fendi clutch bag.

She says that she 'still loves' her Husband and that he 'understands' that she is going off to find herself. Well, hurray for him, but I am guessing those two boys of hers are wondering what the hell is going on. If you still love someone and you have no need to leave your family apart from 'rediscovering' the narcissist in you, then dear God woman, grow up. You have a job to do and yes, it might not have the same thrill of having people clap you on a TV show, but its a job that you signed up for. Personally I think he must be a saint because if it were him coming out with all this bullshit, the press would have painted him as the devil. Meanwhile the press are labelling you as some sort of heroine.

So anyway, I just had to get that out because it was making me feel tetchy. A male mid life crisis is one thing. In my very own brand of everyday sexism, I think that its expected and we all know we poke fun at men for it. But damn, watching this female one is nauseating. So Louise, woman to woman, middle age to middle age, woman the fuck up and get back to your luxury home. You have two kids that could do without a mum in thigh high red patent leather boots and frankly 'you career' will never replace what you have at home. Ask Beyonce, she wrote an album about what its like to have a terrible Husband, not about what its like to play in front of a stadium of people. Your family are your sense of self, a record of your achievements and you should remember that next time you are falling out of nightclub with a girl half your age

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