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Best Podcasts Of November 2014 (So Far)

Podcasts are the new black, the new TV, and the new new. Here are the best poddies of the month of November.

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Slate's The Gist

Presented by the loud, colourful and fast talking Mike Pesca, this daily podcast came into existence a few months ago. After having a few months to get its pace, The Gist is delivering funny, informative interviews and news stories that you wont hear anywhere else.

99% Invisible - O-U-I-J-A

Having just smashed out a monumentally successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than half a million dollars, Roman Mars and the gang returned with a whimsical and eerie episode. This musically gifted radio show about design, has produced one of its finest episodes about the design and history of the ouija board.

DecodeDC - Politics around the Turkey Giblet

Former NPR Congressional reporter, Andrea Seabrook, has been working away with DecodeDC for a few years now. DecodeDC is all about the ins and outs of Washington, and the ups and downs of politics. They don't report the news, they analyse the designs behind what happens in Washington. Her new incentive is a short series of interviews about what it is like to talk about politics with your family. Its short, funny, and relatable.


Serial has go above and beyond anything that public radio could hope for. It follows the reinvestigation of the 1999 murder of Baltimore teen Hae Min Lee. If you ask any podcast or public radio fan they'll tell you their theories on who killed Hae Min Lee. The show is produced and presented by This American Life staffer, Sarah Koenig. Cancel what you're doing tonight and binge all them episodes!! (you need to start at episode one).

All The Best - The Grief


All The Best is produced in Australia in conjunction with Sydney's community radio station FBi Radio. Each week they present stories, interviews, poetry, and live poetry slams all based on a topic. The Grief is a two part episode about all aspects of grief. Its emotive and sometimes tear jerking. One of the most touching stories comes from a producer who recounts the memories of her baby sister death.

If you're a fan of TAL or NPR's Snap Judgement, then this is a podcast for you.

Start Up - How Listeners Become Owners

Its hard going out on your own. Former TAL and Planet Money producer Alex Blumberg has gone out on his own. He wants to start his own company that creates and delivers thought provoking and informative radio and podcasts. Start Up is the story of all the trials and tribulations involved in his journey. Whats interesting about this is, it also documents the relationship between Alex and his wife as the company grows.

This is another one you should start at the beginning if you're not already into it. It also has a kickass theme song!

Pitch - Paintings to Sing

Pitch is to sound as 99% Invisible is to design. This fortnightly podcast explores the niches involved with the sounds we interact with on a daily basis. It's well produced and musically evocative. On the off weeks they'll offer up a behind the scenes look at the podcast, which is a great way to tide over the audience.

Song Exploder - The Books

Ever wondered what thoughts go into your favourite songs? Well Song Exploder deconstructs songs, whilst interviewing the musicians who wrote them. They've explored TV themes, indie masterpieces, and K pop hits, across all their episodes. The magic in the podcast is in the sound design. Over lapping layers and songs, weaving in with storytelling, all shows why podcasting is such an emotive and provocative medium.

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