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    • keegank

      AsaWarwick alumnus (and one of the SSLC Chairs), I’m surprised that suchaFB page has been created byaWarwick student, and that the admins of allegedly received such replies (see webpage) from the person behind the FB page. I’m also quite shocked that there are students stating that thisaremoval of an individual’s right to free speech. WhileImay not be up to date on legal terminology,Iwas under the impression that freedom of speech is not absolute-which is why there are laws about public nuisance/sedition/harrassment/libel/slander/etc.
      Iremember in the first term of the 2012-2013 academic year, there wasastudent who went around harrassing people, bursting into lectures and swearing vulgarities, and beingabit racist. He ended up being expelled, andIdon’t recall anyone defending his right to express his freedom of speech. Why is thereadifference now?

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